Dining with Elle DK


Wednesday, meanwhile the blog was moving over to this platform, I was sitting in a train for 5 hours with a poor wifi connection and was trying to work on the blog and follow the move. The reason for this, is that I was on my way to Copenhagen because Elle DK had invited me to a pre-Elle Style Awards event. Me and a selected group of bloggers(quite a small group actually, which made me feel quite privileged – just think that Elle thinks that I’m part of the blogger top in Denmark) were invited for a nice dinner with the Elle editors, where we got some info about Elle Style Awards and briefings from their partners,  L’orealPandora and Martini. It was such a nice evening and I got a positive surprise when I found out that all of us were invited to the award show as well. So now I’m totally clothing-crisis-stressing about the galla dress code: I mean, I own no galla clothes! I’ve only got silly clothes from thrift stores! I’m quite excited to find out what I’ll wear. Before going home, we also got our hands full of goodie bags and were sent home with a smile on our faces.

By the way, yes, it is a Stine Goya bag, you see on the bottom photo. I had stopped by her store before the event to pick up my “payment” for THIS photo job I did at the show in January. Stay tuned to see what I got – it’s soooooo pretty!

Soon, you’ll also get a better look at my childish yet ladylike look from that evening.


What would you wear if you were going to Elle Style Awards?