10306806_10203787873996873_1421737715_n 2Illustration by Julie Torpegaard Illustration

Now it finally happened – actually, the blog move was first supposed to be today, but as some of you might’ve noticed, it already happened yesterday, since the technical stuff went much smoother than expected.. And I’m so happy about the result! Later today the new blog logo will be up and then the relaunch of NEMESIS, BABE should be complete – amazing!

I have a lot of new stuff happening on the blog, which I’ve been working on for some time – here’s what you can expect on NEMESIS, BABE 2.0:

  • A Danish site and an English site – yep, from now on the two languages will be separated and you can click between the Danish and English NEMESIS, BABE below the header.
  • A F.A.Q. page, where you can quickly find the answers to most questions you might have about me or the blog.
  • A Weekly Reads page, where you’ll find links to the web articles and blog posts I’m reading during the week.
  • I’ll also try to do a series of links below my outfit posts, where you can find clothes alike the ones I’m wearing in the posts.
  • A series of posts called “3 ways to wear”, where I’ll be styling different things that characterize my style, but in a less crazy way, so that everyone can be inspired to do it yourselves.
  • Once or twice a month I’ll be posting an email-newsletter to those who want it – sign up in the form in the sidebar!
  • A lot more blogging joy from me, hopefully a lot more of blog-adventures and new ideas!

How do you like my new place?