fashion month street style: close up

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Now that I’m quite into the close up portrait in my outfit posts, I decided, when shooting at fashion month, to take that idea to the streets as well.

It is interesting seeing full body shots of what people are wearing, or action shots with fashion and movement, but something that can really make a photo interesting as well, is when you get up close. Seeing more of the person you’re shooting in stead of just what they’re wearing. So I shot a bunch of portraits of the people I felt had a nice feeling about them that I would like to capture.

I feel like every portrait has it’s own feel. I tried shooting them with different techniques, one where I instructed my subject; some where I let them pose the way they wanted to; and some where I tried to confuse them a bit while shooting them, so that I could get some more emotion to the shot.

My own faves are the second photo, with the holed hat and the classic feel; the third photo with the girl in the orange outfit and the awesome attitude; and the last one of Marianne Theodorsen with all of her crazy jewelry and the contrast between the background and her outfit.


Which are your faves?