Favorute Photographers: Andreea Bogdan

After having met my wonderful fashion week companion/colleague/friend Andreea Bogdan, and been following her development in her photography, she has become one of my favorite photographers. Her photos have these great geometric lines, amazing compositions and show the nicest little moments. Every time I tell someone about her, I always end up showing the Andreea’s Instagram, taking them through every single one of her photos, to show people how amazing her work is.

So, I have decided to do the same thing to you guys. A little more concentrated though: I asked Andreea to send me a bunch of her favorite photos and send along the stories behind them.. I love them all and the accompanying quotes, and I hope you guys will, too!

Pssstt.. You might find me in there, too!


Andreea Bogdan_favourites_-4 “I still can’t believe I got this shot of Karlie Kloss! It was at the end of a long day of shooting, tired and feet hurting (no more heels while shooting!). I was having a coffee with Daniel (the Urban Spotter) and we both looked at each other and said: ‘Ok, should we go now? Yes, let’s go!’ As we walked outside, Daniel, in his usual exuberant manner, shouted “Karlieeee. It’s Karlie! Come on!’. We both got our ‘shot of the day’ at the very end of the day.”


Andreea Bogdan_favourites_-7 “Sometimes, the best photos come from very unexpected places! While on a break, between shows during Milan Fashion Week, i saw this lady. She was waiting to cross the street. I quickly got my camera out and took the photo. She gave me a nod, a large smile and ‘Grazie!’ before she walked away. 


Andreea Bogdan_favourites_-2“This is very high up on the list of my favourite shots. I love the composition, the colours and those shadows playing on the wall. I took it in Paris, after the Vuitton show. The whole atmosphere was overwhelming. Photographers running, paparazzi shouting and cars beeping. Eleonora was being photographed. A lot of people around her. Then she walked away. And I took my photo.”


Andreea Bogdan_marie_-6 “The time Marie and I jumped on a train and found ourselves in Venice! I love this shot! The way the light shines through the tiny venetian lanes, the movement in Marie’s hair and all the memories from that day!”


Andreea Bogdan_favourites_-8

 ” While shooting this past season, and kept saying to myself ‘stay true to your style and don’t just follow the crowd’. Because at times, it is so compelling to run where everybody runs and take shots of the same people, in the same places. Nothing wrong with that at all, but i’ve done it in the past, and I end up running and shooting without spending time to think. So before taking this photo, i took myself away, on a little side street, observing and waiting. I saw the scooter, the nice light falling on it and Kristina came to complete this very italian, ‘La Dolce Vita-esque’ setting.”


Andreea Bogdan_favourites_-10 “I think this photo marks the beginning of my ‘geometric framing’. It is not the first at all, but it is the one that made me realise that this is the way I prefer to shoot. I remember showing my photos to a friend, and she said: ‘why are people so small in your photos? You can’t really see what they are wearing.’ I guess it’s because I like to place an emphasis on the background and the way the subject relates to it’s surroundings, in order to create a visual narrative.”


Andreea Bogdan_favourites_-5“During Men’s fashion week, amongst all the dapper and very well suited guys, she was an unmissable, fiery appearance. And this is yet another case of seeing the background and waiting for the right person to come.”



How do you like Andreea’s photos? And which is your fave?