Festival essentials #1

festival tips 1-1 festival tips 1-2Since I’ll be having a summer full of festivals, I’ve decided to let that reflect on the blog and do a tiny guide as to what you should bring – at least! We’ll start in the beauty corner, or what I’d call “how to stay sort of clean and pretty”-section.


At festivals I’m not up for too much make-up, as long as I can keep my skin looking good. I’m very into protecting your skin, so all of my skin products for both body and face on the festivals will contain SPF. In stead of getting a greasy face after putting your sun screen in your face, I’ll be getting myself a nice, moisturizing day cream that already has SPF in it and as for my vanity, my well covering powder from La Roche Posay also has SPF, so that I can feel like I still look good whilst protecting my skin.

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I plan to fight that feeling of hair that hasn’t been washed properly in days with a great dry shampoo and to try and make it soft and nice, I’ll also be bringing a conditioning and moisturizing spray – an entire hair wash in two cans! A hairbrush is also a must to keep the dreadlocks at bay.

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Festivals = dirt everywhere. Ew! But luckily you can get rid of most of that dirt if you bring the right stuff. Antibacterial gel, spray or wipes for your hands is a must. Besides that, practical face wipes from Bioderma will clean your skin without leaving it dry or greasy. Oh, and I’ll be bringing toothpastes with super strong tastes to keep that fresh feel for a bit longer!

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Hair stivking to your sweaty face, hair bands that disappear, scratches on your knees from falling in the mosh pit, no way! Keep it all at bay with hair scarfs, scrunches, too big to get out of sight and funny band aids!

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What’ll you be bringing?