The first month, the first letter and new ideas

Skærmbillede 2014-05-28 kl. 21.00.46Skærmbillede 2014-05-28 kl. 20.53.07

Now that the first month on the new NEMESIS, BABE has passed(and what an amazing month on the blog!), I’ve sent out my first real newsletter in my blogging history – as you can see in the sidebar on the right, theres a sign up form to get on my newsletter mailing list. Read this months news letter HERE!

The newsletters are packed with stuff that has happened during the month that passed on the blog, so that you can keep up with the important stuff, if you didn’t read NEMESIS, BABE religiously every day. Then there’ll also be tastes of projects and ideas I have coming up on the blog, like the ones you can read on the image on the right – I’m contemplating maing themed weeks on the blog, where all of the posts in these weeks will go under the same theme..

And now I want you to come with an input or two – which themes would you like to have on the blog? Of course the main theme of the blog will always be fashion, so whether it’s food or movies that’s the theme of the week, all of the posts will always have a fashion underline, as usual. So bring on your ideas and I’ll go through them, pick out the best ones and start developing ideas!

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