five things I bookmarked in 2014

bookmark-1What an eventful year it’s been! I’ve been doing loads of things, and other people have too. So now I’m bringing you the thing that I have found to have made an impact on me this year and that I’ll continue to keep an eye on:


– The blog “fuck you very much”, which, with it’s short sentences and critical, gorgeous and vulgar photos keep making me think.

– Oh Land. In general. Especially after I interviewed her for the blog, and found out how nice, interested and good she was. And then the amazing style is just her cherry on top. After having spoken with her, my interest in her music has gone up, too, and I just can’t let go of her again. I want her as my best friend.

– My name sister, Marie, from the blog Vilde KaninerEven though our styles are different, she keeps impressing me. Throughout the year she has brought gorgeous ned ideas, great collages and amazing visual concepts that keeps developing her style on the blog. I check up on her everyday just to see what she came up with this time. The blogging barre has been raised in Denmark.

– My Swedish friend Fatima, whom I met modeling for Monki last fall. Her style is insane and I dream about her wardrobe and kick ass attitude every day. Read my interview with her here.

 One of my readers’ simple blog, posting about what interests her and inspired her. It reminds me of the early days of NEMESIS, BABE and makes me want to go back to my roots a bit. Super cool blog and girl, which I’ll be following from now on.

What have you book marked this year?