my NYE look: nineties normcore

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Finally! Finally, I figured out what I’ll be wearing on NYE. After hours and hours looking through webshops, I had to realize that I won’t find the perfect dress there. So I have done the thing I tried to avoid this year in stead – dressing up in my own wardrobe again. It will be something that I haven’t worn before yet, though, and something that you’ve never seen either:

An incredibly nineties like black and golden glitter maxi dress with spaghetti straps, a waterfall neckline and a lot of back showing. It is a bit too sexy for me just to wear without anything else – the cleavage, the sideboob, the slit and the backlessness, so I’ve come up with a norm core idea to make it less vulgar: wearing a t-shirt with rolled up sleeves under neath.

With it I’ll be doing dark red lips. I haven’t figured out the hair yet. As for the shoes, I’ll be going for flats to contrast the sexiness of the dress. It will be good!


What are you guys wearing for NYE?