four years of fashion week adventures


This season is my seventh at Copenhagen Fashion Week – the seventh! I’ve recently started wondering what I was expecting and what I was dreaming about when I started the blog and when I started attending fashion weeks.


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At my first fashion week in Copenhagen, in the summer of 2012, I went to shoot street style for the blog, and I clearly recall street style not being that normal at CPHFW at that point. People looked weirdly at me for going to show venues without going inside. I dreamt of attending shows all day long and I wrote request for several designers to invite me. MY first show to attend was Moon Spoon Saloon, where I sat in the floor at the photographers pit and photographed everything with a beating heart – I was inside!
For the seasons to come I started getting invites to shows without having to request them – though I only just stopped requesting a couple of seasons ago. If not everyone knows who you are, getting in to every show isn’t that easy, so you have to let them know that you’re here, too.
As the seasons went by, I did more and more street style and worked super hard every day to shoot and send enough photos every night. I had clients and was actually working at fashion week! Working for someone else but just me and the blog – just think if I’d known that in that summer of ’12!

KBH - Adam 1

The fashion week in the summer of ’13 was my busiest and most stressful. I did backstage and street style work for Cover, shooting non stop, not having time to eat, returning bathed in sweat every evening to my flat and editing and seinding photos all night until I fell asleep by my computer.
That was also the fashion week, when I got in touch with the Toni&Guy team, who took care of me backstage with snacks, drinks and made my stressful fashion week a bit sweeter with great hair products from T&G.
Since then, they’ve been taking care of me at fashion week – feeding me, styling my hair, letting me try out their products and seating me at great spots at the shows that they style and providing goodie bags en masse and just think if I’d known that in the summer of ’12!

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Ever since that fashion week in ’13, I’ve turned down the speed a lot when it comes to photo jobs. I’ve done a bit street style here and there, until I, because of the work with my blog, got so much to do at fashion week, that I didn’t have time to shoot.
The fashion week this January was my first not shooting for clients. It felt insane being able to take a chill between shows and not having to be at the ready at all times. It’s not always great being half there, half scouting, when you’re talking to colleagues and friends, because you constantly have to find people to shoot for this client and that client. Nope, not all I had to do was what I felt like doing.
This fashion week, I have 15 shows, 1 brunch and 2 parties – that I didn’t have to request to get into – love these three days. I started out with a Toni&guy brunch, since I’m their ambassador this FW, and then we dropped by the Lovchild show, which they were styling. Today they’ll style my hair and then I’ll get seats for all the shows that they’re styling. What a privilege – what if I’d know this would happen back in the summer of ’12!
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photocredit: Adam Katz Sinding Le21ème, NEMESIS, BABE
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