Haute Couture aw14: Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal

Margiela couture aw14photo source: style.com

Every Haute Couture season I always look forward to seeing one specific collection. I’ve been blogging about it every season for the past two years and now is so not the time to stop! Yep, what had actually happened on the runway on Rue Yves Toudic at Maison Martin Margiela was the first thing I checked, after coming home from a day in the streets of Paris exactly one week ago.. And I was not disappointed!

This season, the Artisanal team had been finding old, 18th century silks, which they used for daring dresses to contrast the chastity of the century in which they were made; old Franc coins found on flea markets and sewn on to sheer skirts; silk bomber jackets, that american soldiers had had embroidered with asian signs and motifs when in Asia; an aluminum ballon that read “I Love You”, which was embellished and worn as a top; and oh my, they even embroidered a giant scrimp and a lobster and put them over the shoulder of their models.

I’m so fascinated and close to completely dropping my jaw over this awe inspiring collection. I must say – again this season – that I really would not mind owning just one, if not more, of the looks from this seasons Couture runway at Margiela.

I’m mostly in love with the huge scrimp and lobster, the robes made from the 18th century fabrics and the skirts with the coins – just think walking around which such a beautiful skirt! 

Which look is your fave?