inspiration and a status update

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After a whole week of social activities on uni – yup, now I’m a student again – last week, I finally sat down last night to figure out how I’ll make my new role as a student work while I still blog. I made plans for the posts to come for the rest of the month and got inspired for all kinds of posts after an hour on pinterest, and so, I though that now I would be well able to make a life as a full time student and a full time blogger work. In the middle of my search for inspiration, I also learned that I now, without a doubt, will be homeless by the 15th of sep, which just added to my double full time occupation a touch of panic. 

So, if you’re wondering why my instagram is quiet once in a while or why my posts don’t go up as regularly as usual these days, that’s the answer. If you want to help me look for a place in Copenhagen, I’d be delighted, if you’d share the photo that I put up on the blog facebook this afternoon.

And meanwhile, check out these gorgeous vintage shots from my Pinterest, which I’ll be using for inspiration when fall sets in!