inspiration: street style from Paris fashion week

collage-12-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-2-2 ALL PHOTOS BY MARIE MY / NEMESIS BABE

As many other things on the blog have experienced lately, the handful of street style photos I got at Paris Fashion Week, have been through the cut-and-paste-collage machine. I really love how you can add a bit more mood to a shot by adding an other photo. So consciously, at the two shows, I shot at, I went for shooting combinable photos.

If I saw a nice red outfit, I needed to find and shoot something that would compliment or contrast it. A new and exciting way to shoot street style and I felt more inspired than ever, when shooting!

Aside from that I really think these collages also give you that feel of Paris and not just the clothes and the people – the city is there, too!


How do you like my shots?


collage-5-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-2 collage-7-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-4-2 collage-4-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-2-4 collage-1-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-1-2 collage-8-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-4 collage-10-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-6-3 collage-2-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-1-4 collage-selv-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-9 collage-9-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-3-3 collage-11-paris-ss17-nemesis-babe-marie-my-street-style-5-3