inspired: wells and new opportunities

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In these times, that only will get darker, colder and more wet from now on, it’s too easy to get all winter depressed and decide that everything’s dark and sad and that the world isn’t with going out to explore. I know that has happened to me a couple of times, as soon as the winter has come and the darkness falls as early as four in the afternoon.

But this year, I have decided to fight this tendency with a thing that I learned in Milan, when Andreea and I spend some time with Scott. Besides all of the great photography techniques and tips that he taught us, he also told us something that I’ve been using a lot in other aspects of my life. One of the darkest and rainiest days, all of the photographers were complaining about the shitty lighting. Andreea and I Included. But when we talked to Scott about it, he replied with a great point:

“Don’t see this lighting as a restriction. See it as a opportunity to shoot those gloomy and evocative photos that can’t be shot in that shiny, bright daylight.”

That made me think.

Especially now that the fall weather starts to restrict my possibilities to shoot outfit photos – or any other photos for my blog – light wise, temperature wise and don’t even get me started on the rain! And now that the possibilities to dress summery – where I’m at my best – pretty much disappear, and I’m going into a chronic clothing crisis until March.

But from now on, I want to start taking all of these “bad things” as opportunities in stead of restrictions. An opportunity to change the mood of my photos, since the weather has changed and the circumstances for shooting good photos are different than in the summer. It’s also an opportunity to think more creatively, when shooting. Should I try my skills with flash shooting? Shooting in the rain? And even shooting more in the morning, in stead of the afternoon, and have more time later on in the day to edit and work?

And when it comes to clothes, I was incredibly inspired by this editorial I’m posting today, to use the fall season in my styling in stead of just fighting it. Why have I never thought of this before? Seeing fall and winter as my chance to use things in my outfits, that can’t be used as much in the summer. Why not see fall as an opportunity to incorporate wells and cool rain coats in my wardrobe? I’ve got to seize this chance before it goes away – and I have got my eye on some quite quirky rain-items that I would love to use this season!
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Stay tuned on the blog again tomorrow, where we’ll take a closer look at how to prep your wardrobe for fall and winter! 


How does the fall/winter season affect you, and how do you try and keep from getting winter depressed?