interior tips: plant mania

plant mania marie my nemesis babe interior inspiration-1

My interior posts have been popular, so I couldn’t help but also share with you one of my latest interior obsessions: plants! Most of my life, I didn’t like plants in my room, but since I moved to Copenhagen, it changed. Maybe it has something to do with my mums green thumbs and my parents’ home, but I just think plants make everything more cozy and homey. So I got lots of them!


Here are some tips on how to style plants in your home 🙂



plant mania marie my nemesis babe interior inspiration-5 plant mania marie my nemesis babe interior inspiration-3 plant mania marie my nemesis babe interior inspiration-4 little glass jar and hanging glass vase from Lene Højlund, illustration by Melanie Pedersen

I started out having plants in one of the simplest ways – ivy branches in jam jars. Besides just having to keep the glass full of water, you don’t have to do anything to keep your greens green and looking good. And it looks so nice when they start to grow and root into the water. You can also use other plants for this – I got a shoot from a Monstera, which gren roots in a jam jar and then I planted it over into a plant pot, where it can grow bigger.

I found my ivy out in the city(remember to bring scissors!) and I got the Monstera from a friend, so this is also a budget friendly way to keep greens!




plant mania marie my nemesis babe interior inspiration-2 illustration by Melanie Pedersen

I spotted this on pinterest  and couldn’t but love the concept of the plant party: a collection of different plants in different heights on a plant stand or a nice ladder. When I moved into my room, I found an old drawer, and decided to use it for my own plant party – then I went plant shopping and found some nice pots in a thrift store.



How do you like the interior posts on the blog? And how do you like having your plants?