Interview med undertegnede: trends, street style og inspiration

Da jeg leverede min sidste portion street style-billeder til NastyGal, bad de mig svare på en portion spørgsmål angående netop street style, trends, inspiration og moden i de forskellige byer. Mine svar på spørgsmålende overraskede mig faktisk en smule – eller måske var det egentlig mere det, at jeg kunne svare på udførligt på det hele. Som street style-fotograf tager man ikke “bare” billeder: man får nemlig et kæmpe indblik i og viden om den mere tilnærmelige del af modeverden og man lærer en hulens masse on hvad der sker og vil ske i moden! Så værsartig – her er min vurdering af street style scenen og kommende trends, for jeg ken ikke lade være med også at udgive interviewet her:

When delivering my last batch of street style photos for NastyGal, they asked me to answer some questions about street style, trends, inspiration and fashion in the different cities. My answers to these questions kind of surprised me – or maybe it was the fact that I could answer them all so extensively. Being a street style photographer, you don’t “just” take pictures: you get a huge knowledge about the more approachable part of the fashion world and you learn so much about what happens and will happen in fashion! So here you go, my judgement of the street style scene and the trends to come, because I can’t just not post the interview here, too:


Now that you’ve seen Copenhagen, London, Milan and Paris fashion week, what are some of the major differences that you’ve noticed between the street style in each city?
– I think Copenhagen is the city that stands out the most, style wise. People here dress very simple and, well, Scandinavian. In Copenhagen people don’t go crazy dressing up for fashion week as you see in the other cities: in London the most noticeable thing is how people are ready to put on their weirdest outfits or just their entire wardrobes at once to get attention – here you can really let go. In Milan people dress so vibrantly – and very Italian, nonetheless. Shiny things, fringes, lots of prints and lots of clothes that photograph well(but which they probably wouldn’t wear in their everyday lives). Paris street style is kind of a mix of the laid back, muted Scandinavian style and the vibrant and colorful Italian style – people are not afraid to wear eye-catching items, but they do it with a, so to say, French sophistication, so nothing ever gets to be neither too much nor too boring. Paris is perfectly balanced in that way – interesting simplicity and vibrance that doesn’t get you all confused. Simply, chic.

What are the biggest trend takeways overall? What was your favorite street style look this season?
– Fringes on pretty much everything. On jacket sleeves, the bottoms of jeans, on bags, earrings and even tassel-necklaces. And socks in any kind of shoes: every one wears cosy socks in their sandals, pumps, lace-ups, sticking out of the top of their boots even. And lastly, metallic is so on it’s way back! I have seen more silver and golden jackets this season than ever before.
– My fave street style look this season includes the socks in shoes trend, no doubt! I’ve been wearing simple white socks in my shoes for years now and seeing other people’s take on the idea really inspires me(and makes me go sock-shopping more than ever).

Who had the best off-duty model style? What did they wear that inspired you?
– Most models just wear a pair of black jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket, so I usually don’t shoot models that much. But a girl like Fei Fei Sun really knows how to mix that simple model style up with some fun and interesting items. This season she has worn an amazing bright purple coat in Milan and a long grey coat with a horse/human figure on the back in Paris. Now I’m all inspired to go for more cool coats to wear when I want to dress down but still keep looking a bit fun.

What are some major trends you’ve noticed in Paris specifically?
– Jeans are sooooo back. Ripped, embellished or with patches of any kind. Boyfriend-jeans, all of them, of course, and most of the time worn with something quite elaborate like a Prada coat, to show that even though you’re wearing an item with thousands of dollars, you’re still really laid back and down to earth.

Do you think street style reflects the runway or the runway reflects street style? Where do you think most trends begin to form?
– Street style reflects on the runway and vice versa. I think the trends that will be seen on the runway emerge from what has been seen in the streets. Usually you can spot a mainstream trend on the streets at fashion weeks 1-2-3 seasons before it hits the masses, so it must go through the major runways to make it all the way to become mainstream at some point. But there’s no doubt that street style stars are influenced by what is shown on the runway as well – first we have the people, who can actually buy what’s on the runway; and then we have people like me, who, after being inspired by the Celine SS14 collection, wore a multi-primary-color-printed 10 euro second hand dress, because I was inspired by the art/pop art trends on the runways for the coming season.

We noticed Anna Dello Russo in quite a few of your street style pics. What do you think is most inspiring about her day-to-day looks?
– What’s inspiring about Anna is that she never constrains herself, thinking “Would it be too much if I wore this?”. She just wears anything she wants and even if it is too much at times, you must acknowledge her courage when it comes to dressing herself. Never be afraid!

How do you find the best street style? What do you look for when you shoot?
– Shooting at fashion weeks, I of course hang out in front of show venues where tons of people, who are into fashion can be found. That is where it’s easiest to get good street style shots and lots of inspiration, but I actually think that the very best street style is what you see in the actual streets: if you find someone, who’s not attending fashion week, but who still dresses quite cool, that’s true style. People dressing up for their own sake and their own every day life are so inspiring.
– When I shoot, I usually look for colors, textures and movement. That’s why I rarely produce street style photos with people wearing all black, and static straight-up-and-down photos aren’t my favorites to shoot either. The photo has to say something, show something and make the viewer come up with stories about what was happening when the photo was shot.

Finally, why is street style important to you?
– It’s important because it inspires in an approachable way. Fashion in magazines and on the runway often seems unattainable, so seeing what other people wear and how they wear it(and knowing that it’s an outfit someone has worn in real life and not just for a photo or a show) can inspire you a lot. Give you new ideas as to things you can wear that you’ve never thought of before, or how you can wear something you already have.



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