Keeping Track of Time

plannersphoto: Shine By Three

Daily Planner, Tricolored Planner, One Line A Day, Le Petit Prince Weekly Planner, Mini Monthly Planner


We’re getting closer to the end of the year, which – besides Christmas wishes and New Years outfits, which I’ll also get around to – means time for a new planner!

I’ve been thinking about which planner to get for a long time – right now I’m on the Weekly Planner from Moleskine, which follows me everywhere and is amazing. It’s set up perfectly with a page for the days of the week and a page for notes.

I I have looked around the internet at which other calendars I might like, and I found a couple of cute ones. I like the Daily Planner with the to do list, exercise space and room for notes at the bottom, and the Mini Monthly Planner, which has such a nice overview of the month. Besides that, I’m thinking of getting the “One Line a Day” book, that has room for five years of memories, one line each day.

Which planner are you guys using? Or thinking of getting?