kooky collections #1

Recently it occurred to me that I have a bunch of weird little collections in my wardrobe that are quite specific. Not just a general collection of skirts, dresses or pants, but – like in this version of the new mini series om the blog – blue coats. I do have a lot of jackets and coats, but I found that I have quite a lot of blue ones. Weirdly enough I’ve been going for a long time thinking that I should get myself a blue jacket, until I found out that I already have at least six.. Oops!

But now that we’ve opened up this little miniseries, let’s get down to business:



blå jakker-1My two long, blue jackets are great for putting on on chilly summer evenings and the length makes them great for keeping your entire body warm. The light one is second hand and the darker one is from Monki.



blå jakker-2 My two vintage jackets are both bought in Paris and have each of their styles – one that’s ladylike and can work as an entire outfit in itself, and a blazer that’s simple, basic and goes with pretty much anything.



blå jakker-3These jackets are quite something! The great mesh jacket is from Baum und Pferdgarten and will be amazing this summer over any outfit. The fur ones has been my best mate all winter – warm, fun and shiny blue!



Which kooky collections to you have in your wardrobes? And which blue jacket is your fave?