looking back: 2016 in life events and thoughts

As the year passes, I’ve gathers loads of posts to recap how my life has been in 2016. The first recap post is about life events that built the frame around what I’d been doing in general and on the blog.



I started out 2016 with something quite exciting, a month of internship at Uffe Buchard, my career idol’s creative agency. I did two posts about my experiences – one right at the beginning and one after the internship talking about all I experienced.




Over a couple of months I was shooting with a Danish tv station for a reportage tv-show, where a camera crew followed my life as a blogger and during fashion week. I did a couple of posts about it here and here!




2016 turned out to be a year of writing down my thoughts a bit more than usually on the blog. I started with telling you about my emotional story of my tattoo. Then I did a post on what I thought of Copenhagen Fashion Summit. I also had an epiphany about what the blog was and had become.



2016 had me move only once! I went from living in an enormous room with a huge wardrobe on Islands Brygge to the nicest little room in Nørrebro. 





In 2016 I got my first E on an exam and then dropped out of Art History to pursue the dream education. I started studying Visual Communication in Malmö and I also did a little post on the drawing course! 



Which life events are your most memorable this year?