Marie and a fashion party: Elle Style Awards

foto 1 As my Instagram and Facebook followers probably noticed yesterday, I’d gone to Copenhagen to participate in this year’s Elle Style Awards – I didn’t bring my camera to the event, so here’s a little story of insta-photos from the evening.

I and a handful of other sweet bloggers had been invited to the incredibly fancy event – and not just to the show, oh no, we were invited to the dinner as well with the Danish fashion elite, celebrities and musicians. Yep, little Marie dining with the top of Danish fashion as one of the 350 people who were invited by Elle. Wow. If there’s one point in which my humility kicks in, it was yesterday. I had no idea of what to do with myself and all of that fanciness! Oh well, let’s begin from the beginning:


foto 2After a 5 hour train ride form Aalborg to Copenhagen with my gala dress in my backpack and having to change from my comfy travel clothes to the golden dress(that isn’t that easy to zip up by oneself) in the tiny toilet on the train, I went to the hair salon, Suka, where I met up with Cathrine, who had gotten her hair done and did give me quite an inferiority complex about my own hairdo I had after the long train ride.. And oh, that dress! If something is able to make me feel generic in my golden vintage dress, is was Cathrine’s formidable frilly dress. After Cathrine had gotten her hair done, we went to the DR concert hall, where we shot some outfit photos before going to the event – stay tuned, more photos of my look will be up tomorrow!


foto 3 After having passed the press photo wall, had welcome drinks and walking around astounded(and confused for my part) around all of those influential people, we were asked to go to dinner, where the tables were set in all pink(Marie 10 years ago would have been in heaven) with presents, free bar cards and tickets to the show. Seeing my name written on the place card was actually one of the most amazing things. You know, when you have dreamt about a career in fashion since childhood and then seeing you name on a place card at one of the most prestigious fashion events in the country.. Now that’s something! My friends often said to me “Just think what Marie, 10 years old, would have done if she knew this was going to happen!” every time something great happens for me with this blog and that was what I thought when I saw that place card. Wow. So, of course, I brought the place card back home with me as a reminder of the fact that I might just be about to make my dream come true.. Oh my!

I was seated with people like sweet Christina, Funda and the talented people from Baum ind Pferdgarten, who I had a great time with – that incredibly fancy food and equally fancy company was not bad! Later, before we were all asked to go to the concert hal for the show I sneaked over to Marie Jedig’s table where amazing Oh Land was seated as well and I presented her with an idea I’ve had for some time for a feature for the blog.. So in a couple of months, you might be able to expect a little peek of Oh Land here on NEMESIS, BABE – that’s about all I can say.. Oooooh!



After the dinner, the show started and it was spectacular. Again it hit me, how honored I was to be invited to this event – hundreds of people paid to go to this show and I had been asked to come by Elle. Wow. (and wow, I’ve been saying “wow” a lot of times during the past 24 hours). The show will be sent on Danish TV3 Puls this Sunday, so I’ll keep from telling you all about what happened, who danced and who won which prizes.


foto 4

After the gorgeous show, I had to skip the VIP perry and free drinks, because when you’re from Aalborg and have no place to sleep in Copenhagen, you have to sleep on the train. So I jumped in a cab to the central station, got my bag of traveling clothes and my computer and a bit past midnight, I was ready to get on the train back home with an amazing experience in my baggage, the latest Elle in my hand and knowledge about where my new Vivienne Westwood shoes give me blisters.

What a night!


What’s the most spectacular thing you’ve experienced?