norm core.. just more fun!

After having become such a big fan of norm core, despite the fact that the trend is practically colorless and I’m more like a rainbow, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways to incorporate the key elements from norm core into my style without loosing my colors and prints. So here’s what I came up with to make the norm core trend more Marie:


[show_ms_widget id=”140622″ image_id=”204266″ width=”712″ height=”548″] (photo by Daniel Grandl/The UrbanSpotter)

I actually found a photo of myself wearing this outfit, when googling norm core last week. Just think, I had no idea I was so on trend, when making this outfit in the first place! But now that I look a bit harder, I do see some norm core in this outfit: I mean, it is kind of 90’s cheesy to put an oversize tee over a pair of biking shorts and add a bomber jacket and cornrows, right? I think so! So if you’re up for an easy, sporty and colorful norm core outfit, throw an oversize tee over your biking shorts and add a bomber jacket!


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When putting this outfit together I was quite aware of the norm core factor. You know, the sports bra look with a Nike logo and a pair of tacky leggings. Using the sports bra as a crop top can make pretty much any outfit kind of norm core. Try wearing it with a printed skirt or a pair of patched jeans(which will be the next big hit). And if you can’t afford those amazing jeans on the collage, try shopping patches on etsy(which I impulsively overdid last week) and sew them onto your ripped boyfriend jeans(which you should have, if you’re norm core).
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Something that is quite hard to avoid in these norm core times is the slide. With socks. A concept that has been the biggest no go since the dawn of time, which makes it perfect for norm core, which is based on the tacky, sporty and kind of boring look. Usually I always use black/white foot wear, so when throwing on my slides, I see no reason to go for colorful footwear, since my outfit is usually quite colorful.


Do you like norm core as much as I do? And how are you planning on incorporating the teen into your wardrobes?