MFW AW15: favorite tendencies of the runways

Milan fashion week tendencies nemesis babe trend-3NEON BRIGHTS

A fun contrast to the muted earth tones that are in with the 70’s trend at the moment, was seen quite often on the Milanese runways – loads of neon and bright colors like fuchsia, magenta, orange and green. Something makes me feel like a counter reaction to the popular muted and Scandinavian color palettes might be on it’s way and I’m happy. Even though I’d finally started feeling those muted colors, I can’t not be excited about the arrival of the brights.. Pink, yummy!



Milan fashion week tendencies nemesis babe trend-160’s CONNOTATIONS

Oh well, we thought we’d dwell a bit on the 70’s but no! Fashion is in constant movement and right now it seems to be moving even more backwards towards the 60’s. On the Milanese runways we saw mini lengths, toned sunnies, 60’s business woman looks and shift dresses. I’m quite excited about the 60’s tendencies, however big it might get, since it focuses on one of the things that make up my entire wardrobe – cool femininity!



Milan fashion week tendencies nemesis babe trend-2FLORALS ALL OVER

Weirdly enough, thinking of the season(we’re looking at fall collections here, people!) something summery is on the runways, not just in Milan, but during pretty much any fashion week world wide this season.. Florals! The springy print has budged into the fall season and I’m not hating it. Now we can keep our springy moods and rejoice in floral robes when the winter makes the real flowers wither.