MFW SS15: collections that inspire


Fay SS15 i MLN Who: Fay

What: Sporty, quilted thermo jackets with short skirts

How: I just recently discovered the designer Fay, who showed in Milan this season. And I’m quite happy that I did – I loved the sporty vibes of their collection and one thing in particular, that interested me in this collections was the quilted jackets. Those big jackets with the kind of cheesy quilted thermo-look and cool prints are both cool and practical. And then, the fact that these warm, practical jackets are paired with short skirts is just perfect – I love the contrasting between the covered/not covered look and I am ready to go home and wear my orange thermo jacket with a tiny mini skirt!



A Jour Le Jour SS15 i MLN

Who: A Jour Le Jour

What: Layers, layers, layers!

How: Something I’ve seen both on the runway at A Jour Le Jour and in the streets of these fashion weeks, is the layering trend. But levering in a different way, than I’m used to see: oversized tees and sweat shirts or dresses even over a pleated or flowy skirt. And slip dresses on top of t-shirts and shirts. And I really like both types of layering – now that we’re moving into the fall season, this layering trend will be super useful and I can’t wait to go back home, slap on my pleated skirt and a dress on top – or just wear a shirt or a t-shirt under all of my strappy dresses!


Marni SS15 i MLN

Who: Marni

What: Big, graphic, floral prints

How: Looking at the Marni collection assured one that the floral print will never go out of season for the summer collections. And yes, even though it is very obvious that we’re dealing with a summer collection here, it really inspires me for the winter season. Oh my, I want to get myself a big, floral coat or a nice, woolen floral skirt to wear for fall and winter to lighten up the grey and cold winter mood.