Marie’s Fashion Month Fun Facts

So.. Here I am – my first day in Denmark in three weeks and I feel so weird about not being in an other country, in an other city, chasing people with my camera. I didn’t blog yesterday, since keeping the blog running during this fashion month is quite a job and in stead of loving myself in front on my computer, I decided to go for cocktails with my photog colleagues on my last evening in Paris.

But today I bring you goodies! I’v tried to gather all of the things that you guys might not know is going on during these fashion weeks and on my travels – here are my fashion month fun facts!


  • During the past 2,5 years, I’ve been to 25 fashion weeks. Hereof 11 in Paris, 5 in Copenhagen, 5 in London and 4 in Milan. Wow, that’s actually a lot!
  • I’ve started sending post cards to my friends and family while at fashion month. Not because there’s anything new to write about, but because I know they’ll be happy to get post cards. On the post cards to my flat share, I only write lies.
  • When I’m at fashion month, I usually get this weird itch on the skin along my spine.
  • When flying around at fashion weeks and transferring between flights in Copenhagen Airport, I have a guilty pleasure. Usually, I never go to the danish juice-chain Joe & The Juice, since I find it overpriced and the staff too cheeky, but in the CPH airport I always go there for a juice and a sandwich.
  • During Milan fashion week this September, I tough Scott Schuman – also known as the Sartorialist – to take the metro.
  • I almost know the Parisian metro system by heart, so now I’ve started to get to know the city from above ground, which means that I try only to take buses and walk between venues.


  • When the show venue is on a busy street, both street style photographers and street style stars don’t give a s*** about traffic and everyone runs all over the road to do photos. So far this has resulted in two street style photographers having a foot run over by a car.
  • If you walk into a photo that someone’s taking, you will know – usually people yell “Backgrooound! Backgrooound!”, “Heeeey!” or a loud, collective “Aaaaargh!”, if more people are taking the photo that you’re eccientally in. (hence the annoyed faces on the photo above)
  • Even though we street style photographers are competitors, we’re also friends – we’re all traveling by ourselves, which makes everyone more up for having out after the shows, partying together or going to lunch together.
  • Like in a high school, there are little clicks of people hanging out together, social codes and definitely some gossip amongst the street style photographers.. Juicy!
  • Because of my fashion week travels, I’ve gotten a lot of good friends – like IsabellaAndreea, DanielLouiseTyler, Simbarashe and Vanessa.. And loads more!

med andreea-2

  • When traveling, I try to stick to listening to one album or one artist per city, so that different albums or musicians remind me of different places. As an example: Agnes Obels first album is definitely the sound of my first fashion week in Paris in January 2012. This season, Paolo Nutini was the soundtrack for London, in Milan I listened to the compilation “Andersens Drømme” and in Paris, Esperanza Spalding was the musical backdrop.
  • One of my most used words during fashion month is sorry. In the metro, trying to get out, when bumping into people, when accidentally pushing someone while shooting, trying to get a hold of someone you want to shoot. Yep, “sorry”, “scusi” and “pardon, excuse moi” is half of my vocabulary during this month.
  • When traveling between different countries, I have a hard time changing languages and even when I go back home to Denmark, I’ll be more prone to say “pardon” that the Danish “undskyld”.
  • When returning from fashion month, I’m a bit confused and I feel weird about being in my own home. As an example, yesterday, when returning to my place, no more than 10 minutes passed before I felt too weird about being home and I went for a long walk to get “away.”