My New Year’s resolution


First, I’d decided not to have a resolution this year. Simply taking things as they come, not striving after things I didn’t know would happen or not, not being let down by things that didn’t happen. And then I realized that that was my resolution.

In the year that passed, I started meditating with an app called HeadSpace – very recommendable for people who want to start meditating and being more mindful! – and that helped me putting things into perspective a bit. Relaxing, being more present and spacious, which will be part of my resolution.

I often tell myself that I need to do all kinds of things – work more, be better at everything I do, I’ve been measuring myself with people, whom I probably shouldn’t have, I’ve had an idea that I hadn’t made it far enough, I wasn’t creative enough or capable enough, even though the work I’ve done on the blog should have proved me wrong. That’s where meditation has helped me, finding calm in just being and observing what happens without judging. Letting things that come, come, and things that go, go. Skipping my expectations and being present in what is right now.

So that’s my resolution: calm and spaciousness. I already know this year will bring me exciting new adventures and I am ready to experience them. I don’t need to stress about whether or not something will happen – if it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, then why worry?



With a calm and spacious mind I’m ready to take in 2016 with everything it will throw at me.

Do you have a resolution? And what is it?