new in: the slide

 photo sko-2_zpsce3d86d0.jpg photo sko-1_zps03600d8e.jpgSANDALS: VAGABOND, ANIMALS: SØSTRENE GRENE & SECOND HAND

Talking about being self contradictory is quite appropriate, taking yesterday’s post into consideration combined with today’s showing of my new acquisition. Yesterday I proclaimed myself as a fan of the YOLO-trend and kind of dropped norm core on the floor(read about both trends HERE).. Ehem, but the latest pair of shoes added to my wardrobe is actually one of the key players of norm core: the slide. I got a pair as a part of my prize from the Fashion Blog Awards, since I haven’t owned a truly comfy sandal without platform soles. So now they’re here, in my wardrobe. And until the weather invited me to use them outside, i practically live in them at home – and, to be honest, I actually really like that slide trend! I plan on wearing them with short shorts and colorful shirts or with a pair of fun socks and 90’s summer slip dresses. Yep, even though I’m a fan of YOO, I feel quite good about introducing this pair of very mainstream trendy soles to my collection. But that’s the good thing about fashion, right? Even though you dedicate yourself to one style or trend, it absolutely doesn’t mean that you can’t steal a bit from other styles or trends as well. Wonderful! How are your feelings about the slides?