dresscode: YOLO

photo sources: style.com, nemesis, babe streetstyle, discount universe

“Life for the YOLO dressers must be so much fun.” I read in a quite inspiring article over at the magnificent ManRepeller yesterday. It was an article about a new trend, which, opposed to the new “normcore”-movement, really gets it going for everything including sequins, colors and silly clothes. Dress like there’s no tomorrow: YOLO-dressing!

Fashion has really gotten itself two counterpoints when it comes to humoristic trends. Right now the creme de la creme de la mode is either dressing “normcore”, meaning as ordinarily, monotonously and corny as possible; think slides, sports socks, bucket hats, track suits, unshapely jeans, loose t-shirts and shirts that are a bit too big, or you can go the “YOLO” way and go berserk in everything that is nearer to a costume that to regular clothes; think Anna Dello RussoSusie Bubble, Moschino’s AW14 collection and the recently very hyped Australian brand Di$count Univer$e. Personally I’m loving the Yolo-trend. Most of all because doing “norm core”, which do I think is pretty cool, is impossible for me. I can’t just throw on a pair of slouchy jeans and a t-shirt(most of all because I own neither of the aforementioned), since I just can’t live without color, prints and sequins. I mean, why not dress like there’s no tomorrow, carpe that diem in a fashionable and fun way, have fun and look fun, now that the possibility is there? I’m a fan. I’d never thought I would be using these kinds of words(or abbreviations, if you will) in my blogposts, but now I’m going for it: YOLO! Why not have some fun with fashion in stead of following the main stream? Why not live a little more? And if, for no other reason: why not give everyone else something to laugh at and look at?