new in: stripes, fruit and the perfect bag

nemesis babe new in bathing suit and wooden tomatoes nemesis babe new in mens shirt as a skirt and wooden fruit nemesis babe new in leather backpack and wooden fruit

Yesterday I went shopping, for the first time in a long time, in the second hand shops of Aalborg.. and I hit the jackpot. I haven’t allowed myself to shop for a loooong time and I’ve started getting bored with my wardrobe – especially when I blog about clothes that I want every day. So yesterday I allowed myself to break free and go shopping, which ended up bringing me two striped pieces.. and some more!

I got a bathing suit that I intend to use as a top; a shirt that I intend to use as a shirt; the most perfect little backpack, which just fits my camera and necessary things like my phone, wallet and keys; and last, but not least, some fruit. Yep, I couldn’t help it when I spotted those nice little painted wooden fruits, which I had to take with me home, and which I intend to use for shoots and still life photos.

I can’t say how happy I am that I found this perfect backpack and I surely will be using it constantly ’till it breaks; and that striped bathing suit will go wonderfully with pretty much all of my wardrobe.

Aah, shopping really brings a certain satisfaction, huh? Kind of scary! 


How do you like my buys?