a palate cleanser

photo source: various tumblrs

Do you know that feeling when you just need a little break? A bit of calm and cleansing? Thats’ how I feel today. Maybe because I emptied a good bottle of wine yesterday. Maybe because I had a lot on my mind and a lot to do yesterday(check it out on instagram HERE). Maybe because I need a little break. Some quiet before the storm, some calm before tomorrow’s festivities(it’s my birthday, remember?). So the post today is thought to be a little visual palate cleanser. A break from all that fashion stuff and a look at something more calming – yet still beautiful and interesting – photos, I found in my inspo-folder. The sorbet of the fashion blog, if you may. Because tomorrow it gets busy. You can and should look forward to the posts of the weekend, I think. I’m looking forward to it! So take a rest, get ready for the weekend and enjoy this cloudy(at least where I am) Friday.