PARTY WEEK: 3 Ways to Wear

As the last part of the most festive week in NEMESIS, BABE history, I couldn’t help but bring you a previous Sunday classic – “3 Wasy to Wear”, this time of course party themed! I’ve created three party looks that I’d wear this party season.

To shop the items on the collage, simply clock on them(remember to turn off your ad blocker to see the photos)!


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As a contrast to my every day style, I like the simple look for partying. Remember my New Year’s look from last year, when I wore all white? This time I’ve done simple with a more glittery look. I really like the look and all of the elements: the classic red lipstick, the sexy slit skirt and the covered up, yet trendy roll neck sweater. Yum!


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When we party in the winter, it’s a good idea to have a nice coat to work with your party look – I, for example, have my blue fur coat from the charity shop, which works wonderfully over a short dress and heels. In general, I find furs to be the perfect party outerwear. I mean, even a closed coat and red lips – without even a peek at your party dress – is quite nice and festive, too!


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I couldn’t help it – of course there should be a silly 90’s look! Using leggings for every day wear seems to have passed, but I think they work wonderfully as party wear! Use a pair of printd leggings in stead of jeans for your tied up shirt and there’s your fun and festive look! The shoes on the photo, that didn’t make it to the collage can be found HERE!



And with this, we end party week on NEMESIS, BABE – I hope you’ve enjoyed it, gotten into the party mood and have had use of all of my tips and ideas!