COAT, BAG & SHOES: SECOND HAND, DRESS: ASOS RECLAIMED VINTAGE My third sustainable outfit is one that is actually (almost) shoppable, as opposed to the second hand looks, I often wear. This time I tried my luck shopping in the sustainable part of ASOS, the Green Room, where I found this high neck, long sleeve… Læs mere saturday

Me, myself and my wardrobe: second hand edition

For the sustainability festival, I’ve done an other one of my “Me, Myself and my wardrobe”-posts. This time, I’ve interviewed my friend, Kathrine, what wardrobe almost only consists of thrift clothes, and she therefore has a minimal consumption of newly produced clothes. So, tell me about yourself, Kathrine:  Well, my name’s Kathrine, I’m 23 years… Læs mere Me, myself and my wardrobe: second hand edition

PARTY WEEK: the essentials

turn off your ad blocker to see the collage [show_ms_widget id=”10420954″ image_id=”10911242″ width=”710″ height=”769″] click the things on the collage to shop them! HAIR PINS, LIP BALM, LIPSTICK, BLUE BAG, FUR BAGE, RED SHOES, BLACK SHOES, TOOTH PASTE, PHONE CHARGER, MINI ATOMIZER, CONCEALER   To be extra ready for party season, it’s a good idea… Læs mere PARTY WEEK: the essentials

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