pastime: 5 articles for you to read on a rainy day

Since the weather has stopped inviting people out for picnics and ocean swims, I’ve been spending tons of time in front of my computer(haven’t we all?) reading loads of articles on the web about fashion and blogging and watching too many ice bucked challenge videos.

.. and since I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one spending lots of time in front of the screen, why not share what I’ve been reading(in the name of research for the blog, of course) with you guys?


Skærmbillede 2014-08-20 kl. 13.53.04Jeremy Scott’s giant pr stunt aka the McDonalds collection for Moschino and his own pop culture inspired collections make you think that there must be something more to that guy – read Jeremy Scott’s A-Z here and learn more about the designer!


ifb-pic-1When I get stuck in a blogging rut or have questions or things I want to know about blogging and the business of it, I always go to Independent Fashion Bloggers. Here you can find tips for blogging and business and fashion and blogging news.. Useful? Heck yeah! I spend hours on this website every week!

As an example you can read about how to negotiate blogging collab contracts with companies  or go to the article “5 blogging rules I no longer believe in and maybe get a little awakening when it comes to your own blog.


Skærmbillede 2014-08-20 kl. 13.57.32WhoWhatWear has lists of pretty much everything fashion related from the 5 pairs of boots each woman should own to 9 ways to shop without ruining your back account and – as you see on the screen shot above – 13 fashion instagrams to follow(oops, was that me on the list?)


1086603Maison Martin Margiela sends the most beautiful collections down the runway each couture season – and funnily enough, they go perfectly together with the paintings of Russian painter Malevich – see the gorgeous juxtapositions of the MMM couture looks and the Malevich paintings here!


 Which articles are you reading these days?


Psssst.. talking about that ice bucket challenge: Anna Wintour herself has accepted the challenge – see the video here!