the resolution


All kinds of things have happened since my last NYE post. All kinds of crazy and life changing things. Kind of cool. And so, I am sitting here, preparing for lots of new things that I don’t low anything about. I’m impressed with how things have gone, while I’m walking around thinking that nothing is happening.

This is what I plan to change in 2015. Yup, I got a New Year’s resolution that I have to learn to give in to: during the year to come, I have to believe in myself being awesome and being able to flaunt it. It might sound silly, but I’m sure  it’ll help me, since, when I talk about the crazy and life changing things I’ve done(examples: being a popular street style victim, having been to 25 fashion weeks just aged 22, working two part time jobs and still driving an award winning blog daily.) I usually start my sentences with “Nah, it’s nothing..” in stead of “Ok, so I did this amazing thing, let me feel you about it”. Therefore I have to learn to be more openly proud of what I do – because I am proud, I just sweep my pround underneath a rug of humility in stead of celebrating my successes. Stupid, no?

The photo above is, by the way a “behind the scenes” photo from a shoot I did in December, which you’ll see more of in 2015. And I’m dang proud of it(there, I already started)!


What’s your NY-resolution? And what has been life changing for you this year?

And by the way: HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Psssttt.. My NY resolution for 2014 was learning the Napoleon Dynamite-dance.  So I’ll be spending my afternoon doing just that – if I’m good, It’ll go on instagram!