sale items for your festival wardrobe

I am so jealous of you guys who are going to – or have been on – a festival. This year, I had plans to go to Northside, but since I, for the first time during a festival season, also have a rent and a food budget to pay, I ended up not going. I won’t be able to attend Roskilde either, since it always is right at the same time as Haute Couture week in Paris, which I can’t skip..

But I couldn’t help it anyway – I’ve been browsing online sales for about four hours now, and I’ve found the things that I would shop for my festival wardrobe, if I could afford it and had the possibility to go. Oh my(like I’m the one to talk, I’m leaving for Paris on next Sunday)!


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One of the things I’d stock up on, when packing for festivals, would be dresses. Easy, cute dresses that are comfy to wear and fun to style. Right now I’m dreaming of that silver dress with those mad pink and orange boots(just imagine wearing that, wow!) and since it’s festival time, I’d dare to go for a flower headband and some fake tattoos too, because.. Well, why not? An other gorgeous dress I’d bring is that green maxi that is styles easily and effortlessly with a pair of Doc Martens(I prefer to keep my festival shoes floes to keep my feet away from beer, pee and other goodies) and a gorgeous fringy backpack.


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An other thing I can’t let go off in the summer is crop tops.. Aah, my preferred top of all! Would I be going out and move my hips to Outkast this summer, I would do it in a gorgeous white, deeply cut bra, a fun, metallic skirt and a pair of closed sandals. Over my shoulder would be a turquoise cross body bag with room for the most necessary stuff: my phone, a wallet, band aids and disinfecting gel. On my arms would be more fake tattoos because.. well, again, why not? An other look I’d love to wear is the shark crop top and skirt from Illustrated People. I would make it a bit sporty and style it with printed slip ons, a fun hat and a pink string bag, yum!


What would you sale shop for your festival looks?