Sunday errands

paris-style-sophie-vlaming03 paris-style-sophie-vlaming05 paris-style-sophie-vlaming06 paris-style-sophie-vlaming04photo source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Happy Sunday, dear readers!

Today I’ve decided to throw some gorgeous photos from an editorial I recently found, at you guys. I love the retro look of it and the grainy effect, which makes me think that these photos were shot on real film in stead of digitally. That’s something I would love to do more of – analogue photography. The photos get the nieces effect, that brings back memories of back when you were a kid and sat with all of the photos, sticking them into photo albums after each vacation. Oh, and besides the film effect, I adore the styling – that 60’s vibe and the cool attitude is fantastic – oh, and let’s not forget about the aquarium bag.. Awesome!

Besides looking at these great photos, I’ll be spending my Sunday working hard, blogging. I’ll be going to London, Milan and Paris from Thursday(already? time flies!) and three weeks from then and I’m planning on having gotten a great bunch of posts done before leaving, so that I can take it a bit easy when working and traveling non stop the next three weeks. SO today will be a day of writing posts, planning outfits, DIYs, inspiration and wardrobe-posts and everything else that I’ll have the time to do.

What are you spending your Sundays doing?