Thoughts on my own style and new directions

When I was at fashion month, I had an epiphany about my own style. I have, during all these blogging years, have very specific thoughts on what my stile was supposed to be.

– Once I didn’t think I could go without black eyeliner. Now I rarely touch it.

– Once i was 100% sure that I couldn’t wear shirts, because the collar looked weird on me. Now half my tops in my wardrobe are shirts.

– Once I was sure that my style trademark was wearing 90’s like scrunchies all of the time. The 20 scrunchies in my drawer haven’t been touched in 6 months.

– Once I couldn’t go outside a door without lipstick on and 3 lipsticks in my pocket. Now I’ve started to like the natural make-up look.

– Once I would’ve never have seen myself in an outfit without waist definition or with a loose silhouette. Take a look at my latest Paris outfit HERE. 


It occurred to me that I should stop limiting myself, when it comes to deciding what my style is – for an incredibly long time, i have, for example, never thought that I would wear a grey item in my lifetime.. But I have started not having bad feelings about certain grey items, the thing is, I just always stop myself from possibly liking the item, because I decided that I don’t wear grey and never will. But what If I might at one point? I’ve also been opposing myself to simplicity, even though I really like the simple outfits that other people do – which made me do posts about Ivania Carpio and Pernille Teisbæk.

But why limit yourself, when it comes to exploring your style? I decided to stop having such specific thoughts about what I can do and can’t do – because it’s still evolving. Right now I feel like going a simpler way. Trying more feminine and Scandinavian styles out and see if I like it. I mean, why not? why not try all possibilities in stead of making limits?


I gathered a bunch of outfit shots from the past four years to give you a look at how I’ve looked and how my style has evolved through the years – I can’t wait to see which ways my style will go from now on!



11 90erfest 11 damen 11 hvid4



12 prik (1) 12 pink312 orange (2)



13 capp 13 checks and scarf-1-2 13 julet-2



14 hummersne-1-2 14 flet-114 outfit september nemesis babe bike and denim-1pfw-ss15-day-6-marie


Have you found your style yet or are you still trying new things out?