time for wishing


Now that we’ve made it to the nineteenth day of the third month, we aren’t much more than one month away from my birthday – so I’ve made a little collage of my few birthday wished that I have. My biggest with at the moment is a 85mm f/1.8 lens, after having experienced how clear photos it produces, when Sarah shot me with her 85mm HERE in London.. I also would really like to go to the Northside festival in Aarhus this year after having seen the line-up for the is year’s festival – WOW! So a ticket for Northside wouldn’t be terrible either. One of my big wishes at the moment is(quite surprisingly, since I’ve been quite against the sneaker trend since it began) the amazing Nike Air Max Liquid Silver sneaks, that are pretty much impossible to get a hold of and that have been getting more and more expensive on eBay.. and I don’t really have tons of money to give for a pair of sneakers, even though they might be the only ones that will ever fit my wardrobe. The last thing I would love to have is a giant poster with a light blue sky with clouds on it to put on my giant walls in my new room- I think it’ll work quite well since the motif is so simple and the fact that I love flying makes looking at clouds quite calming for me. I do, though, think that my wish list is a bit tiny, so if any of you have any suggestions on what to wish for, don’t hesitate to tell me! What are you wishing for at the moment?