under my tree

julegaver-2 julegaver-1

I couldn’t help it – like all the other years on the blog, I had to show you my presents from under the Christmas tree! This year, the presents have been great; my sister got me my long wanted leather camera strap and my parents got me Royal Copenhagen cups, a thermos(sometimes you have to wish for the boring stuff, too), a face mask and a pair of moms jeans from Monki in the model, Kimomo.

I wished to get the jeans because of their shape, but I’m starting to doubt if they’re too basic and if I’ll even use them so I’ve decided to give myself these amazing holographic mom jeans(as soon as I find a discount code for Asos – PLEASE do tell me if you have one!). and then I might get this wonderful dress in stead of the Monki jeans. 


What was under your tree this Christmas?