THE YEAR IN POSTS: the great experiences

Something I really like about the year coming to an end, is the thinking about all of the things that have happened through the year. Here on NEMESIS, BABE, we’ve made it to the post about extraordinaire experiences of 2014 that make me get super excited about what the year to come will bring1



I started out the year with a great experience – in January, I won the prize for Danish Female Fashion Blogger of the Year, a jury prize chosen by the fashion editors of Denmark. Overwhelming and awesome? You bet! READ ABOUT IT HERE!



After the fashion month in February, I returned back home to something completely new. In March, I moved into a big room in a flat share in Aalborg wight he greatest roomies ever. CHECK OUT MY NEW ROOM HERE!



On the same day that I moved into my new place, I went to a costume party, that would change my life. Here I met my now boyfriend – don’t say that you can’t pick up guys with a blue wig! CHECK OUT MY COSTUME HERE!



An other move happened, when I, in May, moved out of the Bloggers Delight community and onto my own platform. Best blog-decision ever, since I have never liked the look and concept of my blog more that I do now – and you loved it, too, right?



Wanderlust in spring brought my sister and I to Barcelona – a great relaxing and not-work-related trip! SEE PHOTOS FROM THE TRIP HERE!


Skærmbillede 2014-12-23 kl. 14.21.30

At the CPH fashion week in August, I had a Danish news paper video journalist follow me for a whole day. Even though it was the most exhausting day ever without a break to myself, I liked the result – and you, who haven’t met me got a taste of what I’m like. SEE THE VIDEO HERE!



One of my newest and nicest friends from fashion week, Andreea, and I took a small detour during September fashion month and went to Venice for a day. It was the perfect day! SEE PHOTOS FROM THE TRIP HERE!



For the first time, I styled a test shoot, which i Put together with photographer Luka and model Coco. It was way cool and so much fun and I love the result! CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS HERE!


What are your best 2014 experiences?