gul og mave-8 gul og mave-1 gul og mave-3 gul og mave-5 gul og mave-2 gul og mave-6 gul og mave-4 gul og mave-7LIPS: L’OREAL, BAG: SECOND HAND, SCARF: ARVESTYKKE, T-SHIRT: AMERICAL APPAREL, SKIRT: SECOND HAND, SHOES: SECOND HAND


I’m that type of person who, when it’s so damn hot outside, lives with a water bottle in my hands, shake my head and keeps saying “It’s too much, aah, it’s just too much!” the entire time. Then you know you Scandinavian genes, huh? I like the heat, but when it’s so hot that you can’t even sit down and have lunch without sweating, it’s just too much.. pheeew!

So yesterday, when the sun was out and my body was sweaty, I tried saving my comfortableness with an outfit: a little top, an airy skirt and my hair as far from my face as possible.
The shoes unfortunately didn’t last too long – after having worn them for a couple of house, I decided that with such and uncomfortable and warm body, my feet shouldn’t be under pressure too: it’s been so long since I’ve worn heels for every day wear, that my feet weren’t feeling too well.. So off the pretty heeled sandals went and on went a pair of flats later.

I really wanted to wear my cute little scarf in my hair or around my neck, too, but since one of the possibilities looked dumb and the other would be too warm, I put it on my black bag to act as an accessory for that in stead.

A bit later on that day, I ended up throwing in the towel, taking off this outfit and putting on a bathing suit and going for a swim in a lake nearby – refreshing? Hell yeah!

How do you keep cool this summer?


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