3 ways to wear: Amust sneakers


Now, “3 ways to wear” is usually a series of posts, giving you guys tips on how to incorporate my colorful style into your own wardrobes – but this time we’re turning it on it’s head! Yep, today I’m showing you three ways to wear something I’ve never really worn before, so this post will be a guide to me – and those of you who haven’t gone in on the sneaker trend either yet – on how to style sneakers.

It’s quite new to me, wearing those comfy, sporty shoes, now that I’ve been wearing oxfords for years, but I had to take the challenge, when I saw these amazing sneakers from Amust. Amust – as I also told you about in THIS post –  has the nicest sneakers, that are more than just a sporty pair of shoes. Glitter, leather and neon laces just take them a step beyond sporty sneaks!

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With jeans
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Sneakers and jeans are wuite a classic combo, so to edge up the look, you can go for a pair of jeans with patches or some other kind of effect. Now that the laces are neon colored, choosing a shirt in the same color is a great choice to make the look complete.


With a skirt
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Sneakers might be the mot relaxed kind of shoes, so when styling it with a skirt, choosing a laid back knit gives the look a cool and laid back vibe. If you don’t want to to look too relaxed, wearing a fun hat can spice up the look and make it more interesting.


With a dresskjole
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Something I really love is contrasts. And that takes us to the dress look – styling edgy items with ladylike ones gives a super cool vibe. A pair of sneakers can make a great contrast for a pretty dress and makes your party look a bit more edgy. Add a nice bomber jacket to edge up the look even more.



How do you style your sneakers?


The post is sponsored by Amust.
Illustrations by Julie Torpegaard