Architectural joy





tirunamavalai_1_1921.jpeg_north_1160x_whitephoto source: konbini

Could you need anything more than being pepped up a bit on a Monday? To get some color, some joy and some fun thrown right at you? According to me: no! And for that reason, I have chosen to show you some wonderful photos of what I believe to be the most formidable and mood-boosting houses in the world. I can’t help but become extremely happy by looking at all of these houses and I’m honestly thinking of painting the facade of my building in all sorts of colors and patterns(just think, if I were allowed to do it)!

If there’s a way to express joy through architecture, it must be by painting your house like these. I can’t stop scrolling up and down the page to look at these houses again and again. I should print them out and hang them on my walls.

Happy colorful and inspirational Monday to you guys!