Behind the scenes: my first shoot

Luka, Coco, Marie nemesis babe shoot-5 Luka, Coco, Marie nemesis babe shoot-6

I have tried something fun. And new. And exciting. And something, that has made me want to pursue styling even more. As I teased for on Saturday, I spent some of the weekend on a test shoot with the photographer Luka Roné, who I met during Copenhagen fashion week, and a model called Coco.

Luka and I had spent lots of time planning this shoot – some weeks on brain storming and mood boarding, a day on planning outfits, an other day on running between pr agencies to borrow clothes. On Saturday morning we shot on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen with our talented model, Coco from Scoop models, who made the job easy for us and got our ideas on mood and aesthetics right away. It was awesome!

There isn’t a lot of my colorful and silly style in the styling, but I love it anyway. I got to try out some this, I don’t dare to do myself – jeans, neutrals, fall colors and something as crazy as grey. Just think, grey! And I adored it!

I have gotten such an awesome taste of it when it comes to styling – trying out my ideas on a model, shooting coherent photos with a good story and styling outfits I wouldn’t ever wear myself, is awesome, because then this ideas won’t go to waste.

I did these very limited “behind the scenes” photos from the shoot as a teeny tiny teaser. More detailed photos of the styling and the very photos themselves must wait, since we’re trying to pitch them to a magazine to get the shoot published. So you’ll have to be patient(even though I know I’m not!).

I am super proud. My first shoot as a stylist and I’m above the clouds.. I want more!