A different January

KBH-1photo: Adam Katz Sinding


This January will be quite different from my Januarys the past three years. It’s so weird for be because this January, I won’t be going to Paris Haute Couture fashion week, since it’s almost just on top of Copenhagen Fashion Week, which doesn’t really work for me. So I’ve done the dramatic thing to choose Copenhagen over my beloved Paris this season. If feels so strange not going abroad!

Besides the fact that I won’t be in Paris, this January is different in an other way, too. In stead of just visiting Copenhagen for fashion week, I’ll be going there next week and stay until sometime in February. I’ve been way too much in Aalborg these past months and I need something new, plus I’ll get to do all of the meetings, events and other blog related stuff that goes on in the capital.

Oh, and then a couple of my best friends and my blogger colleagues reside in CPH as well, so I’ll be having so much fun!