gettin’ lippy with it


After having gotten numerous requests to do a lipstick post – since they’re such a bit part of my look – I finally got it together to do it.. So yesterday I spent 40 minutes in front of my camera with a handful of lipsticks and lots of toilet paper. I shot about 2/3 of my collection and I picked my 12 faves to show to you today, so you guys can get a closer look into what I have to choose between when picking out a lip color.. Let’s go!


The dark ones

1: REBEL by MAC – (see it in an outfit here) This color is one I’ve really grown to love ever since I bought it. A very deeb red with purple tones that makes for the most wonderful, classic lipstick look with bait of sexy under tones. 2: CYBER by MAC (see it in an outfit here) – a color that I haven’t used too much, but which I like a lot anyways. It’s a really deep and dark purple which is perfect for silly and contrasty outfits.  3: FILM NOIR by MAC (see it in an outfit here) – an other super dark lipstick, this time it’s a really dark brownish red which is great for old fashioned, elegant looks. 4: DUBONNET by MAC (see it in an outfit here) – probably the lipstick that I’ve had for the longest time. It’s a dark red that’s so classic, but with a less sexy loom than Rebel.. And it works wonders with almost any outfit!


The pink and purple onespinklillalille 1: FRESH AMOUR by MAC (see it in an outfit here) – A very light lilac lipstick that I bought especially for a new years eve outfit some years ago and I still love that silly, purple color. 2: UP THE AMP by MAC (se den i et outfit her) – my top favorite when it comes to purple lipsticks and which you’ve seen on me a lot of times. It’s great for both 90’s looks, futuristic looks and even simple t-shirt and jeans-looks. 3: CANDY YUM-YUM by MAC (se it in an outfit here)  – the amazing matte and way too pink lipstick which blue undertones, which I love. The color is extremely strong and bright and I love that neon look. 4: 518 by KIKO – A very light pink lipstick, that only works with humoristic outfits. If I was a bit tanner and had lighter hair, I would look like someone from Jersey Shore wearing that lipstick.

The red and orange onesrødorangelille 1: SPANISH ROSE by CLINIQUE (see it in an outfit here ) – the perfect lipstick. End of story. I love Spanish Rose, since it goes with everything because of the pin and purple tones underneath that red surface. Ladylike and sexy at the same time – yes!  2: RUSSIAN RED fra MAC (see it in an outfit here) – also one of my faves. The matte, bright red and classic lipstick is great with most looks and puts a classic and old fashioned touch to everything because of that matte texture. 3: IMPRIMÉ ORANGE by & OTHER STORIES (see it in an outfit here) – my most neony orange lipstick. On the photo it looks a bit light and dull, but in real life it has the wildest and most radiant orange color, which is just amazing. 4: 604 fra KIKO (see it in an outfit here) – my most orange, orange lipstick. When you put this one on, there’s no doubt if it’s red or orange and it goes wonderfully with both colorful and simple looks, because of it’s statement color.


Which lipstick is your fave?

And which one do you use the most?