All good furs come to those who wait

nemesis babe blog new in blue fur coat-6 nemesis babe blog new in blue fur coat-1 nemesis babe blog new in blue fur coat-7 nemesis babe blog new in blue fur coat-3LIPS: CANDY YUM-YUM by MAC, COAT & SLIP DRESS: SECOND HAND, SHOES: gave fra SARENZA

I’m a cheap shopper. Even when it comes to things that are close t my heart, like clothes. Shopping in thrift stores has given me a  stinginess when it comes to shopping, and if something that I like costs more than 5 euros, I’ll have to think it over before even considering buying it.

And that exact thing happened to me recently, when I was buying this formidable, blue second hand reversible fur coat with a blue suede lining. 

I was in Copenhagen twice during fall break and on my first trip there, I saw this fur hanging in the doorway of a thrift store on Gammeltorv. I was quite attracted to it, but when turning over the price tag and finding a price that was almost ten times of when I would just go and buy without further ado, my head promptly started going over the pros and cons of buying this coat And I ended up leaving Copenhagen that Sunday without any blue fur.

I often do that, when I want to buy something I consider expensive. I decide to think about it for a while and it I still remember that thing and want it after a couple of days, I go buy it without feeling guilty. So when I got to Copenhagen Wednesday afternoon and made my way through the city – and passed by Gammeltorv – I couldn’t help but go in the thrift store again. “If it’s still on the rack, I’ll take it as a sign”, I thought, and to my big surprise, no one had bought the coat.

The next day I left Copenhagen wearing blue fur and brown suede and with my other coat stuffed inside my suitcase. Happy and satisfied. I will be wearing blue fur all winter!


How do you like my new blue winter companion?