inspiration on street level

four photo source: Hel Looks

Lately I’ve been walking around staring at people in the streets and envying strangers’ style. Do you know the feeling when you see people in the street with amazing style and aren’t able to take your eyes off of them? I’ve been dong that a lot lately – especially yesterday, where I spent my day in Copenhagen on a photo job(stay tuned for photos on the blog next week) and today when I’m with my friend, Maria, in Aarhus. There are so many stylish people on the greater Danish cities and I’m walking around with inferiority complexes about my own style – just as much as I’m having the same complexes about my creativity, when looking through Hel Looks, where I found the photos above.. I mean, just look at the girl with the checkered pants, and the one with the yellow t-shirt!

Luckily I’m not all down about it, because I also get incredibly inspired by these people, and I think I might start shooting regular street style in the streets of Denmark, so that I’ll remember these stylish people even more and so that I can show you who inspires me in the streets. For example, I saw this amazing ly dressed girl in the metro yesterday: she was wearing a pink, pleater skirt and a short sleeved shirt in an other hue of pink with print on it, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her(I wonder if she felt weird having me stare at her all the time). I wish I’d photographed her!

Do you know that feeling? And which of these girls above inspire you the most?