Inspired: Lukasz Wierzbowski

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Recently I spotted a photographer on Pinterest, whom I’ve completely fallen for. I’ve had a bunch of his photos on my inboards for a long time now, without knowing that it was the same man who shot them, Lukas Wierzbowski. What attracts me to his photos is his unpretentiousness when it comes to locations, his awkwardly posed models and his covering of the models’ faces. The color use is also extremely intriguing – his way of making photos monochrome when putting his models in environments that match their clothes is better that what I’ve seen anywhere before.

I’m so inspired by this man and I’ve been pinning tons of his photos on my pinboards. Right now I’m struggling to choose which one’ll be my desktop background. I might just print a bunch of them and hang them on my walls.

Nonetheless, they must be seen, and I hope you’re as crazy about them as I am!