Kickstart the production for Agurk Studio’s next collection!

Ever since I got to know Agurk Studio – their cool and fun streetcar and the girls’ sustainable design philosophy – I’ve been crazy about them. You probably spotted them once or twice on the blog before, and once in a while, they’ll keep popping up!

This time, I’m blogging about Agurk because the girls are starting the production of their first collection to go in stores and they’ve decided to go the crowdfunding way with a kickstarter project – and I got to be in their video, too! Simply, it means that everyone can go to THIS SITE and support the production of the first Agurk collection, which’ll be sold in stores in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin. And, on top of helping the girls reach their goal, you can also get dibs on some of the first items from the collection


Here’s a chart of the nice stuff, you can get your hands on when funding Agurk(soooo pretty!):




I’ve already put some money into the project and I want to ask everyone else to do it, too, so that Agurk can fulfill their dream of getting into the fashion market. SUPPORT AGURK HERE!


How do you like Agurks collection and the use of crowdfunding for the new collection?