Marie’s Fashion Month Fun Facts

So, here I am – on my first day back home in Denmark feeling super weird about not being in a different city, in an other country, chasing people with my camera. The stressful but fun Fashion Month is over and besides a whole lot of work with street style and my blog, I have gathered a bunch of fun facts about my fashion weeks and my travels – have a look!



  • During the past 2,5 years I’ve been to 25 fashion weeks. 11 in Paris, 5 in Copenhagen, 5 in London and 4 in Milan. Wow, that’s a lot!
  • I stated sending post cards to my friends while I’m away. Not because I have loads of new stuff to write home about, but because it’s just a nice thing to do. On the postcards to my flat mates I’ve only written lies.
  • When at fashion week, I get this weird itch on the skin along my spine.
  • When flying to fashion week and transferring in Copenhagen Airport I have a guilty pleasure. Ususally I never eat at the Danish Juice chain since I find it overpriced and the staff too cocky, Joe & The Juice, but in CPH Airport, I allow myself to go buy a juice and a sandwich at Joe’s.
  • During this fashion week in Milan, I taught Scott Schuman – aka The Sartorialist – to take the metro.


  • When there’s a heavily trafficked street by a show venue, the street style photographers and the street style stars usually don’t care about traffic. Everyone’s running all over the road and the streets without taking notice of the cars. So far two street style photographers have had a foot run over.
  • If you walk into the frame of a photo someone’s taking, you will know – usually people yell  “Backgrooound! Backgrooound!”, “Heeeeey!” or a loud, collective “Aaaargh!” if more people are taking the same shot and you’re in it accidentally.
  • Even though we street style photographers practically are competitors, we’ve grown to become quite good friends – we’re all traveling by ourselves, which makes everyone want to hang out a bit in between shows, go lunching or dinind or even partying together.
  • The street style photog-crowd is almost like a high school – there are clicks and social codes and therefore also quite a bit of gossip.. Ooooh, juicy!

med andreea-2

  • I’ve gotten a bunch of nice friends on my fashion week travels – amongst them are Isabella, Andreea, Daniel, Louise, Tyler, Simbarashe and Vanessa.. and a lot more!
  • When traveling, I usually listen to one album per city, so that different albums remind me of the different cities. This season, I listened to Paolo Nutini i London, the compilation “Andersens Drømme” in Milan and in Paris, Esperanza Spalding was my soundtrack.
  • One of my most used words during fashion months is Sorry. When getting out of the metro, when bumping into people, when accidentally pushing someone while shooting, trying to get a hold of someone you want to shoot.. Yep, “sorry”, “scusi” and “pardon, excuse moi” are half of my fashion month vocabulary.
  • When coming home I have a hard time shaking off all of the different languages. I often start a sentence in English or say “pardon” in stead of the Danish “undskyld” when I’m back home in DK.