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  • Guide: My Copenhagen #1

    Guide: My Copenhagen #1

    Now that I’ve been living in Copenhagen for a year, I think it’s time for me to reveal som of my favorite places in town, so here’s first part of my tips for CPH!   When living in Gothersgade in Indre By(central CPH) I had a few places in my street that I visited quite […]

  • an eastern adventure

    an eastern adventure

    As those of you who follow me on snapchat(mariemyrhoj) spotted yesterday, I’ve gone out into the world and left Copenhagen. I had too much of the Roskilde Festival FOMO and I went and got on a plane going east. So yesterday afternoon, I landed in Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania, Romania and I’ll be staying here for […]

  • Fashion month: photo diary

    Fashion month: photo diary

    Now that the fashion weeks are done, you’ll be getting loads of photos and posts about the fashion weeks that have passed, which I haven’t had the time to do while I was there. Like this one, which I actually couldn’t do until now that I’ve returned from the pond trip – this little photo […]

  • Marie’s Fashion Month Fun Facts

    Marie’s Fashion Month Fun Facts

    So, here I am – on my first day back home in Denmark feeling super weird about not being in a different city, in an other country, chasing people with my camera. The stressful but fun Fashion Month is over and besides a whole lot of work with street style and my blog, I have […]

  • Marie’s Fashion Month Fun Facts

    Marie’s Fashion Month Fun Facts

    So.. Here I am – my first day in Denmark in three weeks and I feel so weird about not being in an other country, in an other city, chasing people with my camera. I didn’t blog yesterday, since keeping the blog running during this fashion month is quite a job and in stead of […]